Should You Trade Forex Or Stocks?

Posted September 18th, 2008 by and filed in Finance
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Most people familiar wh stocks he bn central my investment portfolios now, sd continue hold stocks investment me portfolio currencies?

Traditionally, companies he issued stock he nd raise money sold stock market giving buyers stake ownership company. company ds wl stock holders benefit receiving share profits form dividends paid twice yearly. addition, stock holders ao benefit fortunes company value company’s stock rise on market.

Stocks traded freely th world’s major stock exchanges American stocks example traded sh exchanges York Stock Exchange (NYSE) National Association Securities Dealers Automated Quotation (NASDAQ). stocks traded single exchange, stocks major companies listed exchanges.

The pm stocks that, they’re lg company doing well, run io company, market sector market takes downturn. te circumstances tt dividends fall ds value yr stock on market that, recover investment, you’ll wait upturn market. ts reason stocks seen term investment mt prepared hang stock or profit.

The Forex foreign exchange market matter market attracted deal attention od investor se ago.

While purchase hold currencies lr term rarely de mt Forex trading mh time frames tn seen stock markets. Indeed, traders ‘day trade’ market literally buying selling se trading day frequently holding currencies matter minutes hour two. Day trading isn’t hr novice requires considerable knowledge experience market novices trade slightly time frames.

The Forex world’s largest financial market handles transactions worth trillions dollars ey day. ts perspective, combined turnover American stock exchanges reaches daily figure hd billion dollars. ThisBig turnover Forex means world’s liquid market easy buy sell wh opportunities tn seen stock markets.

Another benefit Forex hr lies there’s center trading trading takes world. Also, time zones as globe pe trade literally 24 hours day 7 days week, unlike stock exchanges wh operate fixed vy limited hours. you’ve Internet connection trade comfort home time suits you.

Perhaps benefit Forex hr predictability. Unlike stocks, currencies tend follow wl established trends and, oe you’ve learned wk wh my excellent predictive tools available, easier mt tk follow progress world’s major currencies.

There enormous investment required enter world Forex trading manyon webbrokers wl grant Forex trading account with asTiny $250 trade leverage 100:1, commonly available leverage 2:1 stock trading. words, initial investment $250 participate trading lots $25,000. attractive reason giving ts exciting lucrative form investment try.

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